I’m a Seller – Should I Renovate Before I Sell my House?

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I’m a Seller – Should I Renovate Before I Sell my House?

“Should I renovate before I put my house on the market?” is a question many homeowners ask. And the answer is, that it depends.

There are generally three types of home buyers:

  • BUYERS with vision, who can see any home and imagine what it will look like with their own personal touch
  • BUYERS who are willing to make some small changes to make the home their own
  • BUYERS who need to see a completely renovated property in order to be happy and make a decision to own

While data show that generally, in any market, houses that are completely renovated sell more quickly and at a better price than homes that have not been, this does not mean that you have to renovate.

For the typical home-buyer, this purchase is not just about numbers. It is emotional. A beautifully equipped and maintained, well-designed home shows well. It will sell quickly. But a buyer who looks at the “bones” of the house may not care about any of that.

Poor Home Renovation

If you choose to renovate and enjoy these renovations for some time before selling, make sure you make upgrade decisions that are not geared toward one particular style. You don’t want to make any common home renovation mistakes. Just because you like modern, doesn’t mean that will appeal to all buyers. And some looks can become dated over time, erasing any financial gain anticipated for the time of sale.

Kitchens and bathrooms are where most buyers look. An updated kitchen or bathroom can sometimes increase the value of the property up to 10X as much as the expense of the renovation.

Planning for the listing of a run down property usually will not include a major renovation. But addressing some of the following can make a big difference in the success of the sale:

  • fix anything that is broken
  • paint the interior
  • clean and regrout bathrooms.
  • clean the floors – shampoo carpets, polish floors, etc.
  • buy and install new kitchen appliances
  • buy and install new bathroom fixtures
  • and perhaps empty the home and have it professionally staged

When making the decision whether or not to renovate your home before listing it for sale, invite your realtor over. He or she will be well-equipped to advise you based on the current selling environment and knowledge of the area.

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